Legare XER connector

The majority of Primavera planners are probably familiar with what are commonly termed "XER management / modifier" tools - the Legare XER connector has a number of features which are making it the XER to Primavera integration tool of choice.

The key benefit of the Legare XER connector is that the XER file is exposed to the user. This means that full control can be had of the file, which ensures that fields are mapped adequately to the correct destination in P6. Traditional manual updates of XER files are prone to errors and very time-consuming. The Legare XER connector will not map anything that users stipulate that they do not want to be pulled into Primavera - such as unwanted global data or data in a style that has not been requested by the user.

The differences between the following common methods and the Legare XER connector are outlined below:

XER Connector vs XER Manager/Modifiers:

  • Most XER offerings are what we’d call an XER modifier.They accept an XER file as input, let the user changes the content & create an XER file as output. The user then uses P6 tools to import the XER file.
  • Legare reads an XER directly
  • Uses the  Legare configuration to transform, map and select data
  • Data is then loaded into P6 directly

XER Connector vs P6 XER upload:

  • Legare XER connector loads data through Legare
  • It will not automatically import anything the user does not map in the configuration
  • Data imported can be very selective
  • Avoids the main problem with P6 XER imports - importing unwanted global data

The ability to transform data using functions means:

  • Data can be manipulated in any way.
  • Values can be modified, added, ignored or swapped.
  • This can solve the second problem with importing XER files - the need to perform global changes after the upload
  • XER connector  is one of many connectors supported by Legare. Each one offers the capabilities to transform and load data

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