Legare Professional - Additional Features

Our premium Legare package builds on the existing functionality within our standard product and gives the end user increased power and control over a number of different data sources and connectors (including: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, and CSV). Minimizing the amount of unfriendly and inaccurate data being pulled into Primavera P6 plans is high on the agenda of many firms, and keeping projects on time and on budget is vital.

The Legare Professional package includes the following elements and functionality:

Legare Professional

  • Legare Core Module
  • Legare Excel Connector
  • Dictionary Module
  • WBS Module
  • Any additional Connectors (Microsoft Project, Access, etc.)
  • One Years’ Support and Maintenance
  • Product upgrades and release notes

What you'll be able to do:

Legare Core: The core component which enables activity level import and export of data.

Connectors: Seamless connection to multiple data sources such as Oracle, Maximo and SQL Server, such as Access, Excel, MSP, and CSV

Relationships: Allows P6 relationship networks to be built.

Dictionary: Maintains Primavera global dictionaries including Activity Code and Resource Definitions.



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