Legare POB



Legare POB is a bi-directional data transfer tool which streamlines the process of moving data between offshore personnel logistics / POB systems (such as Vantage POB) and Oracle Primavera. Legare POB combines Collabro's existing expertise in offshore POB systems and integrated project planning.

Here is a list of the main benefits and functionality of Legare POB:

  • Bookings can be created in Vantage POB based on the resource data in Primavera. (This would apply more commonly to ad-hoc / vendor bookings where work is scheduled in Primavera)
  • Resources assignments can be updated in Primavera based on bookings in Vantage POB. (This would apply more commonly to core crew whose rotas are created in Vantage POB)
  • The key advantage of creating bookings in Vantage POB, based on the Primavera schedule, is to deliver better  forecasting of flight seat and offshore accommodation availability for ad-hoc work and core crew utilisation
  • Vantage POBhas the facility to create bookings for months or even years in advance via the Rota Bookings functionality. An operator has identified a requirement to transfer the details of these bookings at discipline level to Primavera to assist with forward look ahead planning
  • It enables operators and contractors to undertake dynamic flight and bed planning. This ensures that the allocated resources have the correct competencies and skills to do the job on time and, most-crucially, safely.

More information on Legare & POB Systems:

Collabro Legare – Primavera Data Integration

Legare enables multi project, enterprise-level summarization, synchronization and transformation of data such as activity codes, time, expenses, resource IDs from Work Management Systems into Primavera P6 EPPM. These systems include SAP, Oracle ERP, Maximo, Microsoft Project, custom-written CTR and Job Card systems, Excel and other P6 systems. Click here for a short presentation and demonstration.

Legare is used by a growing number of multinational organisations in the Energy, Construction, Utilities, and Engineering Consultancy industries and is supported by well known specialist partners worldwide. Click here to read our Case Studies

POB Systems from Collabro

Collabro implements and supports Vantage POB, the gold-standard solution for managing helicopter logistics and personnel on-board in the offshore oil and gas sector. Designed by the offshore industry for the offshore industry, Vantage has now managed over 16,500,000 personnel movements in locations across the globe. More information on Vantage POB can be found at http://www.collabro-group.com/products/vantage-pob 



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