Legare Standard - Basic Package

Our standard Legare package is a low-cost, easy to use system which enables planners to create simple data mappings in seconds, whilst also allowing more complex Work Breakdown Structures to be created in a few hours. Legare avoids Excel “cut and paste” and minimises the impact on your IT infrastructure and support - the key business benefit is that cleaner data makes for more accurate analysis and reporting.

Our basic level licence comes with the Excel connector included.

Legare is used by a growing number of multinational organisations in the Energy, Construction, Utilities, and Engineering Consultancy industries and is supported by well known specialist partners worldwide.

Legare Standard

  • Legare Core Module
  • Legare Excel Connector
  • One Years’ Support and Maintenance
  • Product upgrades and release notes

What you'll be able to do:

Legare Core: The core component which enables activity level import and export of data.

Excel Connector: Seamless connection to Excel data source to integrate with P6


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