Overview of modules

Legare is modular, and in its basic form, provides a desktop productivity tool for Planning Engineers wishing to extract selective planning data from Excel and import this directly into Primavera. The base product also allows planning information to be shared with users that may not have access to Primavera.

As an organisation’s requirements mature, Legare’s modular approach protects the user’s investment, with the addition of further features such as the Scheduler, which provides the automation of regular data exchange tasks. Additional connectors offer integration with other data sources, all of which lead to an enterprise-wide Primavera integration solution and Planning Engineer’s productivity tool.

The following descriptions explain how the modules work in more detail:

Legare Core: The core component which enables activity level import and export of data. 

Connectors: Seamless connection to multiple data sources such as Oracle and SQL Server, file types such as Excel and Primavera XER - which in turn allow access to applications such as SAP and eBusiness Suite etc. 

Relationships: Allows P6 relationship networks to be built. 

Dictionary: Maintains Primavera global dictionaries including Activity Code and Resource Definitions. 

Forecaster: Accesses Work Orders and PMR’s from host systems or data sources and creates forward tasks. 

Scheduler: Schedules batch jobs to be run automatically at user-defined times. 

Project Batch Creator: A module within the Legare product suite that enables bulk set-up of projects.

Configuration Database: Allows users to save and load configurations to a central database to share them with other users. 

Cost Loader: Enables cost profiles to be applied to Primavera projects. Data extracted from cost systems may be loaded into Primavera financial periods across multiple projects at a time. 



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