Legare has built-in knowledge about both Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 data.

Legare helps you link the two systems together by:

  • Allowing you to link fields together in the way you want by making data mappings
  • Performing as much automatic conversion as possible
  • Letting you perform your own data transformations to ease integration or handle specific requirements
  • Saving all these rules in a reusable configuration

When exporting Legare will create list information in MSP:

  • Activity Codes will become picklists
  • Resources from P6 will be available in MSP
  • This enforces some data integrity in MSP

When importing or exporting you can read or write:

Microsoft Project:

  • Tasks
  • Custom Fields
  • Resources
  • Relationships

Primavera P6:

  • Activities
  • WBS
  • Activity Codes & UDFs 
  • Resource assignments
  • Relationships
  • Resources